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Nail Extension Kit-A Great Way To Create Salon-Quality Nails

Having beautiful, salon-quality nails doesn’t have to mean shelling out big bucks at the nail salon. With the right tools and products, you can achieve long, elegant nails that look like they’ve been professionally done in the comfort of your own home. A nail extension kit is an essential tool for creating salon-like nails that […]

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6 Colors Red Pudding Cream Gel Nail Polish with Brush Kit Salon DIY Home

⭕Solid Cream Gel Polish with 1pcs Professional Nail Brush, upgrades the gel form of ordinary liquid to solid. ⭕ Solid Cream Nail Polish Set is easy to operate. The color will stay shiny for a long time, ultra-precise application without leaking out of the nail bed, even beginners can draw the perfect look. ⭕ A […]

Jelly Gel Polish For a Glamourous and Long-Lasting Nail

To achieve salon-quality nails at home with jelly gel polish. Gel polish is a type of nail polish that is applied like regular nail polish, but is cured under a UV or LED light. This type of polish can last for up to two weeks without chipping or peeling. In order to achieve the best […]

Glue On Gel Nails– Create Fun And Unique Nail Designs.

To apply glue on gel nails. You will need to start with clean and dry nails, then apply a thin coat of glue to the nail bed. Next, you will need to place the gel nail in the desired position and hold for a few seconds until it adheres to the glue. Finally, you will […]

Great Ways To Make Your Manicure Extra Special: Emerald Nail Polish

Introduction Emerald nails are a great way to make your manicure extra special. They come in many different colors and patterns, so you can find one that matches the color of dress or suit on tap!. This is the perfect polish for those who want to spice up their nails with some green. It goes […]

Must Know About The White Gel Manicure

A white gel manicure is a type of manicure where the nails are coated in a thick, white gel. This type of manicure is different than a regular manicure because it is more durable and can last up to two weeks. Introduction The history of the white gel manicure can be traced back to the […]

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