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Gel Nails on Tips: Getting your Nail Extension at Home


You’ve probably seen gel nails around and may have even considered getting them yourself. Gel nails are a type of artificial nail that is made from a mixture of monomer liquids and polymer powders. They are placed on top of the natural nail and can be filed and shaped like any other type of artificial nail. Gel nails come in many different colors and can be painted with designs. In thi blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about gel nails on tips. And here we will talk about the gel nails on tips to extend your nails, namely, gel nail extension.

Gel Nails on Tips VS Acrylic Tips

The main differences between gel nails on tips and acrylic tips are numerous, including production principle and time, lasting time, and cost.

Gel Nails on Tips


Gel nails on tips uses pure natural resin material, which can protect the nail and nail cover function, but corrects your nail shape effectively so that the nail is more slender, and charming.

Acrylic nail is made from a variety of acrylic nail powder and acrylic nail liquid through the nail technician using the special technical skill. The materials cure natural nails, extending, and beautifying nails. The feature is that it can visually change the shape of the finger, giving a sense of slenderness, thus making up for that the hand shape is not beautiful. The nails look acrylic clear, pink, and white.

Making Theory

Gel nails on tips can lengthen your gel nails, which is an advanced technology that imitates natural nails and makes the gel solidify and longer. This kind of nail mainly uses gel, whose material is the same as gel nails.

Acrylic nails also can extend your nails, which rely on the polymerization and curing reaction produced by chemical initiators and curing agents, such as acrylic powder and acrylic liquid, and others with an irritating odor.

Making time

The production time for both gel nails on tips and acrylic nails is close, which is about 1 or 2 hours, depending on the style to be produced.

Lasting time

In terms of its lasting time, gel nails on tips is longer than acrylic nail extensions. Gel nails on tips can generally last 6-8 weeks, while the acrylic nail is 2-3 weeks.

Advantages of Gel Nails on Tips

There are many advantages to gel nails on tips. For one, they are much stronger than acrylic nails and are less likely to break. They are also more flexible, so they put less stress on your natural nails. Gel nails also don’t yellow over time like acrylics can, so they always look fresh and new.

Another advantage of gel nails is that they can be removed without damaging your natural nails. To remove gel nails, you simply soak them in acetone for about 10 minutes and then gently scrape them off with a cuticle pusher or orange stick. This is not the case with acrylics, which must be filed down in order to be removed and can damage your natural nails in the process.


Now that we’ve discussed the advantages of gel nails, let’s talk about the application process.

When you decide to do a gel nail on the tip to form longer nails, you should know these things. First, shapes. There are many kinds of nail shapes, including the coffin, round, almond, oval, square, and so on. They will show people different feelings, gentle, cute, and others. You should choose one or more shapes. It’s up to your preference. Note that your nail should be normal, which means they couldn’t be bitten too much.

Necessary tools should be prepared (nail gel, cuticle pusher, buffer block, gel cleanser, nail art brush, base coat, UV lamp, and nail form). The nail extension is different from the normal nail. You should have nail paper to support your nail so that the gel applied can be supported and cured under the UV lamp.

Start with clean, polished nails. Before starting the manicure remove any old nail polish or tips that may be on your fingers and then wash them thoroughly to get rid of any residue. So you have a blank canvas for creating new ones!

To start this process off right it would also help if one soaked their hands in warm water prior to applying anything else as well since we want our skin soft enough where they can easily scrape away at its natural oils without hurting themselves too much.

And then use a nail form to support your nail and apply gels to your nail. Gel nails on tips are applied in a three-step process: base coat, color coat, and top coat. The base coat is applied first and helps the color coat adhere to your natural nail. The color coat is then applied and cured under a UV or LED light.

Once the color coat is dry, the top coat is applied and cured under the light as well. The entire process takes about 30 minutes from start to finish.


1) You should clean your nail surfaces thoroughly.

2) Gel should not be applied to the skin on the surface of the fingers.

3) The time under the UV lamp should be strictly in accordance with the requirements. Too long, it may damage the skin; too short, the gel on your nail is not conducive to fixing.

4) With the gel nail extension, you should also do a good job of basic nail care at home. For example, you can diligently apply nourishing cream and other skin care products.

5) Avoid excessive contact with moisture and oil. Otherwise, the gel will easily ruin.

6) Avoid doing things with your fingertips. For example, using your fingertips to tap on the keyboard, peel things, etc. Excessive use of fingertips can cause the gel to fall off your fingers and cause damage to your nails.

If the nail is likely to fall off, use nail clippers to cut, and do not use your hands directly to peel it off! Otherwise, the natural nail will not only peel off together but also become thinner and thinner!

7) Avoid doing manicures frequently. You’d better let your nails have a rest for 3 weeks to 1 month after removal. Otherwise, the surface of the nail will easily appear rough and thinner due to long-term polishing.


Q1: How long does it take?

A1: It takes about 1.5-2 hours to do a 10-finger extension only, excluding the time for care and painting. If you have two nail technicians working on your left and right hand at the same time, it will also take about 1 hour.

Q2: Can I apply nail polish to my extensions?

A2: Of course, you can.

Q3: Can I take off the extensions by force?

A3: Absolutely not. If you take it off forcibly, the original nail will be stripped together to form a two-layer nail, that is, the nail itself is layered. You must soak the nail with professional nail polish remover to soften it, and then you can use the steel pusher to remove it slowly with the sanding strip. Don’t let yourself get sore!

Q4: What is the difference between crystal extension nails and UV lamp gel nail extensions?

A4: Crystal nail extensions are made with crystal liquid and crystal powder that is naturally solidified through a chemical reaction; while UV lamp gel nail extensions are made with raw materials that are originally gel-like and then irradiated under a UV lamp.

To be precise, extension nails belong to artificial nails, both are a classification of extension nails, but the raw materials used are different, and the process and effect of production are also different. Relatively speaking, UV lamp nail not only protects the nail and nail cover function.

Q5: How long does a nail extension last?

A5: It varies from person to person, but it usually lasts 2 to 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, the nail extensions start to buckle and become brittle as the nail grows longer, so please remove the nail extensions or go to a professional nail salon for repair.

Q6: How should I take care of my nails after making extensions?

A6: You should apply polish and nail edge polish to prevent the nail from drying out. If you remove it, don’t do the second extension immediately. Because the natural nail is thinner after polishing, you should take care of your nails, and apply calcium base coat and nail polish for 1 week before doing the second extension.


It is a fact that gel nails on tips can give you beautiful nails, which are difficult to say “no”. However, the prerequisite for beauty is health. Protecting your nails is more important. Gel nails on tips are better than acrylic extension nails. It is healthier and lasts longer. If your nails and budget are enough, I suggest you choose gel nails on tips.

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